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Setting boundaries

How do you know when you are in unhealthy relationships? Are you feeling angry, frustrated, judgmental, and drained? Then you are in some unhealthy relationships. Most of us are taught to put others first before

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Freedom from Unhealthy Relationships.

Would you like to gain Freedom from your unhealthy? Can you imagine the relief you will feel when those tethers are cut and you can finally BE the person you were meant to be? Hi, my

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Great way to study your behaviour.

This is such a great idea and l have been doing it for awhile and wanted to share. When we are trying to making changes in our lives and wish to keep track of these

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Energy shift

Hi Everyone, l hope you are all grounding and centering yourself daily. With so many shifts still happening it is very important to spend an extra few mins. grounding, shielding and centering self. There have

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