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Crystal Rainbows Conscious Creations.

Cindy is offering Art workshops for soul creation and Art Healing. Some of the workshops that Cindy will be offering are: · Crystal healing wands which include fairy wands, goddess wands, chakra wands · meditation therapy mandalas · crystal pebble therapy mandalas · stained glass .  mosaic therapy mandalas · manifesting with mandalas · quilt mandalas · water colour batiks  · and visionary art vision boards . wire trees on salt lamps . wire tree of life in a ring .  string art . and many other wonderful classes.

You don’t need to be artistic at all to do any of the workshops. Just allow your creation to be born in each workshop. Price and dates will be announced on the calendar page.

* Prices will include all material needed. Most of the workshop will be for Adults and some for children.

Join these awesome and inspiring workshops.

Bio: Cindy and Len have been doing creating with many mediums all of their lives. They both love creating with nature, wire, paint, clay, wood, drywall, glass, crystals, trees, material, metal and many more.

When they do their conscious creations they normally meditate to feel the groove from the inside and allow the energy to flow through them and into their hands.

Creating is very calming and allows them to go within and to express themselves through art.

Len has a very unique way of creating with drift wood and making them into sculptures. He creates magical imagines with dry wall mud and is a professional carver.

Len was inspired with art by seeing imagines from within himself from an early age. He saw things in ways that most don’t. It was and is a way of Len expressing himself.

Len will have his own website and face book page in the near future.

Cindy was inspired with art by her Great Grandma, Grandma and Mother and has always enjoyed creating new things. Cindy sees and feels things in a different way and doing creations allows her to express herself by allowing her passions to comes out in all the creations that she does.

As a couple Len and Cindy spend a lot of time inspiring each other with new creations. They connect on many levels and really enjoy the bond they build with each new piece of art.

While in nature together they see a rock, a stump, a piece of wood that they can incorporate into a new creation.

Happy Creating


Here are some photos of the crystal mandalas and other creations from my classes.


To contact Cindy: 519-573-4082 or click on the contact button on my site.


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