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Here it is everyone. The new Interchangeable snap jewellery. Wear a new bracelet, earrings, necklace or ring everyday just by adding a new snap. Crystal Rainbows Interchangeable Snap Jewellery. Here are some snaps that you can add to your Bracelet, Ring or Necklace. wb-1003 white_breaclet leather_bracelet kb3313 UT8zU1oXk0bXXagOFbX9 500209 41ZRqKGwScL._SY300_ 41IqEpy6OXL._SL500_ noosa kb7012 kb7710 (1) kb7007 kb5088 kb2972 kb2855 kb2854 kb2719 images (2) The new Interchangeable snap jewelry. l love this jewelry and l am excited about now offering it in my business.There will be more snaps, earnings and pendants being added soon. Each bracelet holds 3 beautiful snaps of your choice. The leather bracelets are $14.50, the silver bracelet is $18.50, ring is $10.50 (one size fits all with the stretch band), snaps are as follows: mandala $5.50, blue butterfly $5.50, love $5.50, glass dragonfly $5.50, Holy web (silver) $8.50, Metal swirl $8.50, silver dragon fly with gems $8.50 and the cat is $13.50. Dress yourself up with a new snap everyday. To place your orders please email me at

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