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Shamballa Workshop/Attunements Level’s 1-4

What is Shamballa?

Shamballa is an ancient energy channeled by healers in Atlantis and recorded by early Tibetan civilizations. It describes a place of perfection, where love, harmony and balance exist in all dimensions and all realities. It is also the place in time and space where all the rays of Creation reside; including the higher energies of those we call the Ascended Masters. These Higher Beings have transcended the need to reincarnate and now devote themselves to supporting humanity through their Light and Love without condition or judgement. With their help, we can realize our boundless potential and become the amazing multi-dimensional beings we truly are. We can learn to let go of fear and step into our own power, creating ‘heaven on earth’, right now!

We use the energies of Mother-Father Source.

Shamballa is working with the ascended masters and violet flame. It brings us self empowerment by helping us see the light within and understanding that we are all in this together. What affects others affects us and visa versa.

Why take a Shamballa Workshop/Attunement?

  • The benefits of taking Shamballa is for ourselves to grow and heal. It is an energy of a higher consciousness and higher dimension.
  • The focus of Shamballa is empowerment. This comes from first loving ourselves unconditionally and acknowledging that we are all created from the same Source/God energy and are equally magnificent beings.
  • The Shamballa energy is both healing and empowering. The Attunements transmit the 13 different Shamballa multi-dimensional energies to the DNA of the receiver. The 352 Shamballa symbols are automatically integrated and will be transmitted, as appropriate, when the person being attuned begins to heal someone. The person being healed will automatically select the symbols/energy they need. This is done out of the conscious mind by their ‘I Am Presence’.
  • Shamballa teaches how to move energy by intent. There is no need to learn and reproduce symbols, you just believe, intend and it happens!
  • Here on earth, we are working with 4th Dimensional energy. Shamballa gives you the higher energies of all 12 Dimensions plus the 13th – the key which opens all other dimensions which already exist or are yet to be created!

How much does it cost?

Shamballa Level’s 1-3 is $150 for each level and level 4 is $300.

After level 4 you will need to practice for 6 months before teaching Shamalla.

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